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Retinew Serum

Anti Aging of the future: with the active ingredient Retinew A16

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The Smart Aging Effect

The heart of the Retinew Serum is the active ingredient Retinew A16, also called herbal retinol. Because of its excellent tolerability, Dr. Stefan Duve was able to use it in a much higher concentration than retinol. This leads to accelerated cell renewal, the skin is regenerated and the complexion looks smoother, fresher and more youthful after only a few weeks. Hyperpigmentation is reduced even on sensitive skin. Retinew Serum is ideal for all those whose skin suffers from environmental damage and decreasing regenerative capacity. It is also ideal for the prevention of skin damage.

The application

In the morning and in the evening before applying the day cream (e.g. Boosting Face Cream) or night cream (e.g. Phytoceutix Night Cream), spread one or two drops on cheeks, forehead and neck - an additional luxury drop on the décolleté if necessary.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

„Retinol is a highly effective anti-aging ingredient with which I am working very successfully. But some skin types can react with tension. In this case I recommend Retinew A16 as an alternative: It achieves comparable results, but has no unpleasant side effects.“