Phytoceutix All-Day Balm (50 ml)

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The Smart Aging Effect

To ideally protect the skin from harmful influences during the day and provide it with intensive care, Dr. Stefan Duve has now developed the highly effective day care PHYTOCEUTIX ALL-DAY BALM. The exclusive ingredients of plant origin provide the skin with plenty of oxygen and moisture and slow down the natural aging process.

The anti-aging ingredient REVERSKIN® contained in the exclusive balm is highly concentrated in ecdysterone, a powerful cell booster from the heart of the Polynesian fern Microsorum Grossum. REVERSKIN® stimulates cell renewal, smoothes and tightens the skin. The structure and elasticity of the skin appear visibly improved, the complexion shines more evenly and firmer day after day.

Thanks to its plant origin, the active ingredient BioNymph Peptide is found to be mild, natural and well tolerated. BioNymph Peptide is an active ingredient with 360° anti-aging effect, obtained from plant stem cells through a patented process. It acts against free radicals, reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Boswellia extract is obtained from a plant known in Ayurvedic medicine for its soothing and anti-irritant properties. It has a strong and specific anti-inflammatory effect and reduces damage caused by UV rays. It also strengthens the skin's own barrier function of irritated skin. Ginkgo extract provides an extra portion of oxygen and moisture.

This combination of botanical active ingredients intensively nourishes the skin, making it appear smoother, fresh and plumped up.

The application

Apply daily in the morning to cleansed skin.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

During the day, the skin needs intensive protection against environmental influences - at night, on the other hand, the cell division rate is eight times higher than during the day, which means that the regeneration process is running at full speed. PHYTOCEUTIX NIGHT CREAM, whose efficient combination of active ingredients can now be absorbed particularly well, is therefore the ideal addition to the skin care routine.


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Schöne Textur aber enthält zu viele

Ich bin Fan von Dr. Duve Produkten seit Jahren aber die neue Creme enthält mir zu viele schädliche Stoffe: Dimethicone, PEGs…Schade