Get ready for results!

It was the experiences from his daily work with patients that inspired the renowned Munich dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve to create his medical skin care line. In 2009, he introduced the first Doctor Duve medical skin care products. This was followed a year later by Doctor Duve Babies & Kids, the first Doctor Brand created specifically for the sensitive skin of our little ones.

His decades of expertise as a dermatologist and anti-aging specialist enable Doctor Duve to select, dose and combine ingredients to achieve optimal results - true to his motto: Get ready for results!

He relies on a symbiosis of potent active ingredients from nature and modern anti-aging cell research. Studies by skin and university clinics have shown that there are only a few ingredients in cosmetics that have a significant effect on the skin. Those that have a demonstrable anti-aging effect include hyaluronic acid, retinol, growth factors (also known as growth factors), and antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. They are all included in varying concentrations and mixtures in Doctor Duve medical skin care.

Whether it's to sustainably moisturize dry skin, soothe irritated skin or protect sensitive skin from harmful environmental influences: Doctor Duve medical skin care offers suitable products for every skin type and every desire. One focus is on anti-aging and regeneration of mature skin, both areas in which Doctor Duve's dermatological practice also specializes. Doctor Duve medical skin care also includes products for thorough but gentle facial cleansing - for Dr. Duve the basis and prerequisite for efficient skin care - a nourishing sun cream that protects the skin and prevents premature aging, as well as supplements that supply the skin, hair and nails with nutrients.

All products in the Doctor Duve medical skin care and Doctor Duve Babies & Kids lines are developed by Dr. Stefan Duve in collaboration with renowned specialist laboratories, tested for efficacy and tolerance, and manufactured exclusively in Germany and Switzerland.

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