Daily Sunscreen SPF 50, Anti-Aging-Sonnenschutz fürs Gesicht in der 50ml Tube.
Daily Sunscreen SPF 50, Anti-Aging-Sonnenschutz in der 50ml Tube mit Verpackung.

Daily Sunscreen SPF50 (50 ml)

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    The UVA and UVB sun filter complex guarantees extensive protection and prevents premature skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays - the Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 is therefore an indispensable part of anti-aging skin care. Dr. Stefan Duve has combined the filter complex with chamomile extract, which moisturises the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis, and with the stem cell concentrate of sea fennel, which reduces or lightens pigmentation spots. The light consistency is quickly absorbed, does not leave a white film on the skin and has a subtle, summery scent.


    Apply generously to face, neck and décolleté. Re-cream regularly, as the effectiveness of the sun protection diminishes due to bathing, drying and sweating. The sun cream is not waterproof.

    Tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

    "In my practice I regularly see that UV radiation causes irreversible skin damage. I therefore strongly recommend using a high level of sun protection even on overcast days, as clouds can even intensify the radiation. For very sun-sensitive skin (the so-called skin types 1 and 2) as well as for infants and children, UV-impermeable clothing is also recommended at the seaside and in the mountains."


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