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Inner Beauty Hair & Nail Booster

Nutrient capsules for shiny hair and healthy nails

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The Smart Aging Effect

For the Inner Beauty Hair & Nail Booster Dr. Stefan Duve has combined highly effective natural active ingredients: Millet, silicon and silica strengthen the structure of hair and nails and promote their growth. The high cysteine content provides elasticity, strength and shine. Also contained in the capsules: Biotin, pantothenic acid (B5), zinc, selenium and vitamin B6, which are essential for the supply of the hair root tissue. Innovative: the combination with copper, which ensures an even pigmentation of the hair and delays greying. As the body's own supply of nutrients diminishes with age, this is a must-have for women and men over 40.

The application

Take two capsules daily with a little water, preferably in the morning. Thanks to its excellent tolerance, the Inner Beauty Hair & Nail Booster can be taken over a longer period of time. For an optimal result a cure treatment of three months is recommended. Suitable for both vegans and diabetics.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

"With the right diet, we can do good things to our hair and nails. It doesn't have to be exotic superfoods: lentils with their high content of protein, minerals and vitamins of the B-group as well as oat flakes (high zinc content) can be highly effective".