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The set for night care

Phytoceutix Night Cream + Phytoceutix Eye Cream & Mask at a special price

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The duo of a rich eye cream, which can also be used as a mask, and a night cream was specially formulated for the care of the face in the evening. At night, the regeneration of the skin runs at full speed and it can absorb nutrients particularly well. For the Phytoceutix Eye Cream & Mask and the Phytoceutix Night Cream, Dr. Stefan Duve has therefore created a particularly efficient mix of active ingredients and combined the best of dermatology with plant-based ingredients (Phyto = Greek for plant). BioNymph peptides play a central role in the eye cream. The 360-degree anti-aging ingredient visibly reduces wrinkles in the particularly sensitive eye area. The night cream contains an extract from the seed of the mattock bean. It is currently considered the most effective botanical anti-aging ingredient and a botanical alternative to retinol.Both products are available here as a set at an attractive special price.