About Dr. Stefan Duve

Internationally renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert

Dr. Stefan Duve is one of the most experienced dermatologists and anti-aging specialists worldwide. After studying human medicine, he worked, among other things, with cancer patients in the radiation department of the Großhadern Clinic in Munich - an experience that shaped his later everyday practice just like the training in the famous department for anesthesia at the Großhadern clinic. He completed his further training as a specialist in dermatology and allergology in Davos, Switzerland, at New York University and at the Dermatology Clinic of the Technical University of Munich.

In 1995, Dr. Duve founded a practice in Munich with two colleagues. Today, the „Haut- und Laserzentrum an der Oper“ specializes in aesthetic medicine, body contouring, plastic surgery, laser treatments, medical cosmetics and hair therapy and transplantation, in addition to classical dermatology. The practice enjoys a first-class reputation not only in Germany, but among patients from all over the world who trust Dr. Duve and his colleagues.

In order to keep up to date with the latest research, Dr. Duve attends national and international specialist congresses as a speaker and to gather new insights. He regularly discovers new, pioneering treatment methods there, which he is often the first to introduce in Germany.

Dr. Duve publishes in specialist media and is a sought-after beauty expert for newspapers, magazines, TV and digital media. Together with TV-presenter Nina Ruge, he wrote the book "Das Geheimnis gesunder und schöner Haut" (The Secret of Healthy and Beautiful Skin), and with his colleague, the pediatric dermatologist Dr. Antje Söller, he published "Das Kinderhautbuch" (The Children's Skin Book), the first reference work on skin changes in babies, children and adolescents - a matter close to the heart of Dr. Duve, who himself suffered from severe eczema as a child.

However, Dr. Duve's most passionate commitment is to the patients who visit him with their problems, worries and questions in his practice in the centre of Munich. This is why Focus magazine has ranked him among Germany's top doctors in the field of laser-, botox- and filler-treatments every year since 2013.

Dr. Stefan Duve, who was born in Cologne, lives in Munich with his husband. Whenever they find the time, they travel, with Brazil and Thailand among their favourite destinations.

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