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Clarifying Face Cream

Anti aging for blemished and irritation prone skin

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The Smart Aging Effect

Stress, wrong nutrition, environmental influences - all these can cause impurities, pimples and blackheads. This 24-hour special care helps: it regulates the skin's own sebum production with plant-based active ingredients and salicylic acid and thus prevents clogged pores. Neurocosmetic active ingredient extracts also soothe irritations and strengthen the skin against external influences such as environmental pollution. For Clarifying Face Cream, Dr. Stefan Duve has combined the active ingredient extracts with two of the most effective anti-aging ingredients: firstly, growth factors - peptides that stimulate collagen production - and hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin volume and elasticity.

The application

Apply a hazelnut-sized amount in the morning and evening to the face and neck area cleansed (e.g. with Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads or Glowskin Anti-Impurity Pads). To prevent impurities and pimples, additionally use the Glowskin Triple Peel Treatment once or twice a week.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

"For skin prone to inflammation, I recommend tea envelopes, an old but, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, very proven household remedy. For this, boil black tea, let it cool down, soak a clean compress or cloth with the tea and place it on the inflamed skin areas for about 10 minutes.