Set für ölige Haut aus Peeling-Pads und Anti-Aging-Creme.

The care set for oily skin

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This care duo of cleansing and anti-aging care is specially tailored to the needs of oily skin. The Glowskin Daily Resurfacing Pads cleanse in seconds with an efficient cocktail of active ingredients created by Dr. Stefan Duve for daily cleansing. It contains, among other things, lactic acid (one of the highly effective AHAs), which removes dead skin cells and clarifies and smoothes the skin texture. The Clarifying Face Cream regulates the skin's own sebum production and prevents clogged pores, it can be used as day and night care. Both products are available here as a set at an attractive special price.

Get ready for results

Dr. Stefan Duve's decades of expertise as a dermatologist and anti-aging specialist make it possible to select, dose and combine ingredients in such a way that you achieve optimal results with the application of the products. True to his motto: Get ready for results!

What our customers say


I became familiar with Dr. Duve and his products more than a decade ago. What I noticed is that he has never been happy with the status quo. Dedicated to his beauty mission and a leader in his field, he is always pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in skin and body care. He is giving everyone the option of unlocking a more naturally beautiful side of themselves.

Erica Adams

Retinew Serum

Retinol is an unbeatable ingredient for me. Unfortunately, despite a slow introduction, my skin has often reacted irritably. Since I discovered the "Retinew Serum" by Dr. Duve with the herbal Retinol for me, my skin appearance is much smoother, fresher and without any redness. (Apply in the evening and be amazed in the morning). For me the perfect alternative!

Yvonne Beeg

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