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Babies & Kids Wound Protection Cream

Protects and cares for the diaper area

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The effect

In a diaper all day long - it is not uncommon for delicate children's skin to react with redness or even become sore. The Babies & Kids Soothing Wound Protection Cream with the Doctor Duve Calming Complex of acacia honey, cupuaçu butter and cotton extract helps in a completely natural way. If the skin is already sore, zinc, calendula and chamomile flower extract accelerate relief and healing and make the skin more resistant to moisture. Fragrance-free, without parabens and also suitable for sensitive skin.

The application

Apply generously to clean, dry skin in the diaper area - especially in the skin folds - after every diaper change and before going to bed.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

"Regular wrapping ensures that the skin remains dry - as do fresh air and light. So make sure the baby's bottom doesn't get stuck in diapers all day."