Nutrient capsules for hair & nails with highly effective millet extracts, vitamins and minerals
Suitable for vegans & diabetics!

With Cysteine, Millet Extracts, Vitamins And Micronutrients – Gluten Free

Smart Aging effect: Shiny, thick hair and strong nails! The innovative and exclusive nutrient complex with carefully selected, highly effective and tested natural active ingredients such as millet, silicon and siliceous earth strengthens the structure of hair and nails, and promotes growth. The high Cysteine content ensures hair and nail growth and gives back elasticity, strength and shine. In addition, the capsules contain Biotin, Panthotenic acid (B5), Zinc, Selenium and vitamin B6, which are significantly responsible for the care of the hair root tissue. Copper guarantees the consistent pigmentation of the hair, and can delay the greying of the hair. The must-have for all men and women over 40!


Additional product recommendation: DOCTOR DUVE HAIR SERUM.

Take 2 capsules daily, preferably in the morning with water. For an optimum result, ongoing treatment over three months is recommended. Thanks to the excellent tolerability, Doctor Duve Hair & Nail Booster can also be taken for a longer period of time.

60piece,  € 39,00
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