Glowskin Hyaluronic Sheet Mask

Set of five fleece masks with four hyaluronic acids

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The Smart Aging Effect

The Glowskin Hyaluronic Sheet Mask combines the moisturising effect of hyaluronic acid with the gentle and soothing features of aloe vera and apricot extract. What makes the fleece masks so special is that Dr. Stefan Duve has combined four different hyaluronic acids: short-chain, medium-chain, long-chain and cross-linked. They penetrate quickly, supply moisture, bind it and protect the skin from moisture loss. Vegetable glycerin stimulates the skin's natural defenses to protect it from irritation and external factors such as cold, air pollution as well as UV rays. Glycerin also plays an important role in skin regeneration. Ginseng extract, which is highly valued in cosmetics, smoothes the skin and stimulates the metabolism. The active ingredient formula also contains bisabolol and panthenol (provitamin B5), which are known for their anti-inflammatory qualities. The result: intensely moisturised, plump and radiant skin that feels wonderfully soft and supple.

How to use

Apply the unfolded mask 1 time per week to a cleansed, dry face, positioning the openings for the eye and mouth area accordingly. Press gently and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the mask and gently massage any active ingredient residue into the skin. Finally, dab the face with a damp cloth.

A tip from Dr. Stefan Duve

"Sheet Masks are ideal for preparing for an event at which you want to look particularly fresh and beautiful. Simply put them on just beforehand and take care not to affect your hairstyle."