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Facial care as well as body care are a complex issue. You are unsure which product is right for you, or perhaps you have questions about the correct application of a product?

Our skin care experts from the DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care team are at your disposal for any questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you: kosmetik@doctor-duve.com.


Yes, the Peeling Pads are even suitable for sensitive skin types. Our customers also confirm this, who now use the pads daily, after an acclimatization phase. For best results, start use once a week in the evening, and then increase to twice a week.
My expert tip: The Peeling Pads are also ideal for uncomplicated and effective cleaning for teenagers with impurities.
The eye cream contains vitamin A (Retinol), a highly effective ingredient. This can cause a slight tingling of the skin to start with. If this is the case, only use the cream every second day, for a period of around two weeks. Then, the skin should have got used to the active ingredient.
My expert tip: You can also moisturise the lip contour with the eye cream. This helps to prevent expression lines around the mouth.
In a few cases, there can be a so called “initial aggravation” of the skin, when using the Clarifying Cream. The reason for this is the salicylic acid that it contains, which in the short term triggers a multiplication of impurities. However, continue application. After around one to two weeks, the sebum production will have re-regulated itself, and the complexion will improve significantly.
My expert tip: The DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Clarifying Cream is also ideal for demanding men’s skin.
Yes! Our brightening special care is even suitable for combination skin. The oil can either be applied alone as a night cream, or a few drops can be mixed into the Boosting Mask.
My expert tip: You can also use Glowskin Active Vitamin C Oil as after sun care. On holiday, simply apply instead of night cream. Male customers also report, that two to three drops of oil are perfect for beard care.
Replace your day cream on your summer holiday, with the highly effective sun protection - DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Daily Sunscreen SPF 50.
My expert tip: The Daily Sunscreen provides the ideal base for make-up.
The moisturising facial lotion combines cleansing and care in just one step, and therefore heralds a new era of facial toners. After DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Glycolic-Rich Cleanser, it is either distributed onto the face with a cotton wool ball, or worked into the skin using the palms of your hands.
The rejuvenating facial peeling can be used in three different ways. If a small quantity is massaged into damp skin, and then washed off again, only the mechanical component of the peeling works. Alternatively, allow the Peel Treatment to act for one to two, or even two to five minutes after massaging in, for maximum exfoliation. According to skin type and current condition, use once a week.
My expert tip: The Peeling can also be partially used on the body, in the shower. Simply massage in to the upper arms or décolletage in circular motions, leave to act for a short time, and then rinse off thoroughly. To intensify the smoothing effect, then apply DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Bodycurve Shaping Cream.
If this is the case, then you have used too much. As a rule, a drop of the highly effective moisturising serum is sufficient for the face.
My expert tip: Don’t wash the rest of the cream off your hands, but massage into the backs of your hands, and moisturise with DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Bodycurve Shaping Cream.
No, the immediately rejuvenating and rich intensive moisture mask can also be left to act on the skin while you sleep, instead of night cream.
My expert tip: With the mask, always moisturise the neck and décolletage as well. To support the effect even more, you can also mix in two to three drops of DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Glowskin Active Vitamin C Oils.
The skin between the neck and the top of the breasts hardly has any subcutaneous fat tissue, has less sebaceous glands, and therefore needs a special cream. The rich and tightening DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care neck & décolletage cream is matched precisely to these special requirements.
My expert tip: The regenerative cream can also be applied overnight. If needed, it can be combined with DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care Glowskin Active Vitamin C Oil.