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Are you ready for perfect skin?

Doctor Duve method.

The innovative, holistic, highly effective and individual beauty and anti-aging concept by Dr. med. Stefan Duve.

NEW! DOCTOR DUVE method. Preventive, skin protecting and correcting measures.
Based on the philosophy of DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care and his longstanding experience as a dermatologist and beauty expert, Dr. med. Stefan Duve developed a holistic beauty and anti-aging concept. The Doctor Duve method is based on five pillars: analysis & care, bodystyling, diet, hormones and wellbeing.   Using state of the art analysis procedures, special tests and an extensive case history, an individually coordinated treatment plan is created, with preventive, skin protecting and correcting measures.
• Care and product recommendations incl. sun and environmental protection
• Dietary supplement / Inner Beauty
• Nutrient, vitamin infusions
• Hormone therapy
• Additional consultation: diet, sport, relaxation
DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care. Verifiably highly effective active ingredients.
DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care is the perfect symbiosis of natural potent active ingredients, and modern anti-aging cell research. The latest studies by skin and university clinics prove, that there are only a few ingredients in cosmetics, that show significant effects on the skin even in in-vivo studies, and so have a verifiable anti-aging effect: Retinol, growth factors, stem cells, hyaluronic acid and free radical inhibitors, e.g. vitamin C and vitamin E – all of these highly potent active ingredients are contained in the products of DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care
Visible new balance, elasticity and youthfulness for face & body.
The products from DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care are at the cutting edge of anti-aging research, and exclusively use transport systems coordinated to the lipid structure of the skin, to ensure absorption into lower layers of skin. Mature skin is regenerated, sensitive skin soothed, and skin tending towards irritations is rebalanced. The anti-aging range is also suitable for preparation and after care of aesthetic treatments. Each product is a beauty expert in itself, and can also be used on its own. DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care is developed and manufactured in Germany and in Switzerland.
Dr. Stefan Duve, M.D. Internationally renowned dermatologist and visionary anti-aging expert.

After receiving his degree in human medicine, Dr. Stefan Duve, M.D. went on to specialize in dermatology and allergology, gaining professional experience in Davos, New York, Würzburg and Munich.


He is known in the media for being a renowned expert on skin and beauty matters and is one of the top dermatologists in Europe, particularly in the field of aesthetic medicine.


In 2013 and 2014, he was once again named one of Germany’s leading doctors in his field. Each year, he attends numerous medical congresses and conventions around the world and is often the first in Germany to use the latest treatment methods at his clinic in Munich. In 2009, the anti-aging expert launched his own cosmetic line: DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care. It provides users with the expertise of the dermatological clinic in the comfort of their own bathrooms for effective daily skincare treatments based on medical cosmetology.

The highest standards in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

The HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER is the famous clinic of Dr. med. Stefan Duve, Dr. med. univ. Wolfgang Niederdorfer and Dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, situated in the heart of Munich.

The clinic is one of the top addresses for dermatology and aesthetics in Germany. The doctors are experts for all questions around aesthetical medicine, anti-aging, diagnosis and the therapy of skin disorders.


One specialty of the team, apart from their profound expertise, is the regular participation in numerous international conferences and seminars as well as a constant exchange with colleagues from around the world. Thanks to that the HAUT- UND LASERZENTRUM AN DER OPER can guarantee the most recent state of aesthetical medicine and the implementation of the latest and most innovative treatment systems in the world.